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What started as a business with just Chris and his van back in the aventura late 1980s has developed into a renowned powerhouse of regalo the auto UK tuning regalo industry.
This was running a Garrett GTX3076R turbocharger (I wonder if I have its original K04?) and Integrated Engineerings regal sublime intake manifold, resulting regal in around 450hp.
5pm -No phone call and with them closing at 5:30pm took it upon myself to head down there, half way there I get a phone call to tell me the car is completed, lucky.
These engines with forced induction are quite impressive and make up the majority of the noise at Wörthersee each year.
Plus, rolling road shots look good, so theres also that.If theres ever a Mk6 Golf about Im certainly paquetes going to be auto interested, and this was a good one.I recognise that car, every time regalo I passed through the workshop regalo there seemed to be a different car parked outside the front of the building.Phoned Regal Tuesday 8th first thing in the morning and said it needed to be done and I wanted it done while I wait as I needed the car.Website: m phone:, after a member here recommended Regal, I thought I would contact them for a" to have 4 wheel alignment, H R Anti Roll bars scorpion non res exhaust fitted.Theres more power on the cards for this one romanticos in the future too.This sixth-generation Astra VXR was one of two onsite during regal the course of my visit, and is one that Chris and the Regal Autosport team are particularly fond.Going by the Euro coins I found in the centre console, Id wager that the car has probably seen a little bit of action on Europes race circuits.You should now understand why I entrusted my car to Regal, as Project GTI is tame in comparison to these other regal front-wheel drive builds that its been responsible for.Ive known auto of Regal for many, many years, but only met the owner regal and founder, Chris Stewart, at Goodwood earlier this year.

The company represents a ingles lot paquetes of brands, including Wavetrac, CSF, Integrated Engineering and AutoTech amongst others, and I get the impression that it only chooses to niños work with companies that it truly believes in, and that the team would regal want to use in their own personal cars.
Running a BorgWarner EFR6758 turbocharger its about 50hp shy of the white car, but with the weight stripped sport out of it I imagine that theres not much between the two.
These CAE shifters are works of art and I believe this one is destined for Chriss own GT3.
Things move quite quickly at Regal, as it turns out.As it would happen, the install was completed ahead of schedule which left paquetes me some time to explore the premises and see what was hiding around the place.Its stood the test of time very well.The good type of F1 sound, by the way, not the modern turbocharged nonsense.Last month, when having, project GTI upgraded with its new Wavetrac differential, I was hanging out at Regal Autosport, documenting the work being done.These range from supercars to race cars, from classic cars to tuner cars and everything in between.This car was again running a forged engine, but was just in for some general maintenance and a check.This is a considerably more hardcore car, with its interior having been stripped and a rollcage installed too.I continued my walkabout, bypassing reception and heading straight into the main workshop viajes area.The 6R is a rare enough sight on sport paquetes this side of the world; the 4WD auto Golf was only produced in limited numbers.This particular car, as you can probably guess, isnt exactly stock.It was a pleasure to spend two days sport at Regal and we appreciate you letting us roam freely around your business. .It does make me think though.Took the car down there, they got it on the ramps pretty quickly, about 15-20 minutes later the guy came out with the keys and said it sits level and everything is fine after a little tweak and maybe it was the roads I was.Which clearly shows that the wheels were not alignment correctly and professionally.